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Photo of JJ Schiller Photo of JJ Schiller

J.J Schiller

Years Riding: 18

Hometown: Gardnerville Nv.

Favorite Kirkwood run/feature: Little Jims

12/13 Setup: (Skis) Night train, PB&J, Deathwish, (Boots) Salomon Ghost

Career Highlights:

  • 1st place Kirkwood FWT qualifier 2010
  • ESPN.com cover shot FWT Introducing Style article
  • Freeskier 2012 November Issue Resort Guide
  • 2012 Kirkwood.com 4 rotating cover photos
  • 2010 1st place kirkwood cup
  • 2011 2nd place kirkwood cup
  • 6 years riding for Moment Skis and Kirkwood
  • Buying a snowmobile!

Describe your ideal day: Any day with no ice, crowds or wind = amazingness!

Playlist Action: 1. Nate Dogg, "I Got Love" 2. A.Dd+ "Insomniac Dreaming" 3. Atmosphere, "Blamegame" 4. Bob Marley, "Sun Is Shining (dub remix)" 5. Brother Ali, "Champion (Remix)" 6. Capone n Noreaga, "Invincible" 7. Cunninlynguists, "Nasty Filthy" 8. Dilated Peoples, "Worst Comes To Worst" 9. Mac Dre, "Welcome Home" 10. Wu-Tang, "Versus"

Other Sponsors: Moment Skis, Nargear Backpacks, TahoeLight photography.

Abe Greenspan

Photo of Abe Greenspan Photo of Abe Greenspan

Years riding: 16 years

Hometown: Zephyr Cove, NV

Favorite Kirkwood run/feature: Normies Nose, haha.

12/13 Setup: Either 156 super poppy, snappy K2 or my Jones twin 158 splitboard.

Career Highlights

  • National Border Cross champ '05 and '06, Former FIS World Cup athlete.
  • North Face Masters athlete- numerous top 10's no podiums but working on it!
  • Numerous first descents and many summits reached on a splitboard in the Eastern Sierra.

Describe your ideal day: 36 inches of blower on a Tuesday. Weather could be sunny but if not still stoked!

Powder day play list: Don't listen to music while I snowboard. Weird I know.

Other sponsors: Too many to list, mostly friends though.

Blog/site: Bikensurf.wordpress.com

Adam "Abomber" Devargas

Photo of Adam Devargas

Years Riding: 19

Hometown: Kirkwood

Favorite Kirkwood run/feature: Mostly the Cirque but anywhere that makes me laugh and smile.

12/13 Setup: Board: 166 GNU BTX. Boots: Salomon Malamute size 11. Bindings: Lamar Payoff XL. Stance: Goofy. Stance width: 23 inches. Stance angles: Front 21 Back -12.

Career Highlights:

  • 20007,2008,2009 Kirkwood Banked Slalom Champion
  • 5th NorthFace Masters at SnowBird, UT 2011
  • 4th NorthFace Masters at Kirkwood, CA 2010
  • 2nd Salomon Extreme Freeride Taos,NM 2010
  • 2nd North American Freeride Tour Kirkwood, CA 2005

Describe your ideal day: 2-3 feet Glory snow with all my homies Gettn down!!!

Powder day play list:

Other sponsors: Fuel Clothng, Spy Optics, Lamar, BCA, Shoreline at Tahoe

Casey Lucas

Photo of Casey Lucas Photo of Casey Lucas

Years Riding: 14 years

Hometown: Placerville, California

Favorite Kirkwood run/feature: The Cirque of course :)

12/13 Setup: Never Summer Lotus 157 and Never Summer Infinity 155

Career Highlights:

  • Winning the North Face Masters at Kirkwood 2012
  • FWT invite for 2012-2013
  • Daron Rahlves Banzai Tour Champion

Describe your ideal day: My ideal day consists of great friends, powder, adrenaline, and the anticipation of doing all over again the next day.

Something you didn't know about me... My sister, Kristen, is my best friend! We learned how to ski together at the ages of 3 and 4. From day one she has always watched out for me on the hill and every other aspect in life.

Powder day play list: I don't snowboard to music, though on the way to the mountain I will get pumped up with a variety of music from reggae, rock, hip hop, etc.

Other sponsors: Never Summer Industries, Oakley, Mountains Calling, RISE Designs, Slick Willy's Banana Wax.

Blog/site: caseylucas.blogspot.com

Dave Trout

Photo of Dave Trout Photo of Dave Trout

Years Riding: 23 years

Hometown Hillsborough, New Jersey

Favorite Kirkwood Run: The Cirque

12/13 Setup: Board- Never Summer Legacy 159, Boot- Burton Ion, Binding- Burton Cartel, Jacket – O'Neill Button Up, Pants- O'Neill Exalt Insul

Career Highlights:

  • 2011 NORTH FACE MASTERS - 9th Place, Kirkwood
  • 2012 NORTH FACE MASTERS - 11th Place, Kirkwood
  • 2012 Rahlves Banzai - 3rd Place, Kirkwood

Describe your ideal day: Shredding powder with the crew.

Something you didn't know about me... That I was born and raised in New Jersey.

Powder day play list: Some old school hip hop

Sponsors: Kirkwood Free Ride Team, O'Neill, Tahoe Moonshine, On Snow Tester Burton Snowboard Boots

Douglas Carr

Photo of Douglas Carr Photo of Douglas Carr

Years riding:20

Hometown: Minden,NV

Favorite Kirkwood run/feature: Cournice chair! and Drain Hits

12/13 Setup: Skis: 4FRNT 187 YLE's and 195 HOJI's. Bindings: 4FRNT Adrenaline and Deadbolts. Boots: Full tilt Booter and Rossignol Bpro 130's. Googles: Smith IO. Jacket: Oakely. Pants: Volcom

Career Highlights

  • 1st place Twisted Sisters 2011,
  • 2011 Joining the 4FRNT FAMILY.
  • 2012 Kirkwood Freeride Team

Describe your ideal day: Skiing Fresh pow at Kirkwood with the locals!

Powder day play list: Digeridoo! Xavier Rudd! SOJA, Michael Franti, R-Kelly 3434 style

Other sponsors: 4FRNT SKIS,TALL TREEZ DESIGNS Shoreline of Tahoe, Illumatic Freeride, Renew Bamboo, MOB EARTH

Blog/site: http://www.simplesite.com/dougefresh

Hazel Wilson-Birnbaum

Photo of Hazel Wilson-Birnbaum Photo of Hazel Wilson-Birnbaum

Years Riding: 15

Hometown: Moose Pass, AK

Favorite Kirkwood run/feature: The Hourglass

12/13 Setup: Dynastar Cham 107 175cm, Look Bindings, Lange RS 120 Race Ski boot

Career Highlights

  • 2010
    • 2nd Subaru US Extreme Freeskiing Championships Crested Butte, Co
    • 7th Subaru World Tour Qualifier Telluride, Co
    • Ranked 8th overall on the Freeskiing World Tour 2010 season.
  • 2009
    • 2nd Kirkwood Freeskiing Championships qualifier
    • 12th finish at the Freeskiing World Championships Kirkwood, CA
  • 2008
    • 2nd finish at Crystal Mountain Silver King Freeride Competition

Describe your ideal day: Storming and deep blower pow! The roads are closed to Kirkwood , which means fresh refills for me on every lap down Chair 6!

Something you didn't know about me... I'm currently training my dog Huckleberry to be an Avalanche dog at Kirkwood Mountain Resort, he's so rad!

Powder day play list: Only the wind and the mountains... and maybe some James Brown!

Other sponsors: Six Point apparel, Junk Show Media Productions

Josh Daiek

Photo of Josh Daiek

Years Riding: 20 plus

Hometown: Christmas Valley, CA

Favorite Kirkwood run/feature: "Soul Searcher" in Thunder Saddle and "Woopty Kicker" on Olympic

12/13 Setup: Salomon Rocker 2 with the Guardian binding and Quest Max 120 boot

Career Highlights:

  • 2008 US Freeskiing Tour Champion
  • 2012 Freeskiing World Tour Champion
  • 2 time Sick Bird winner

Describe your ideal day: Shreddin pow with my homies at the ‘Wood!

Something you didn't know about me... I build and design swing bicycle frames.

Powder day play list: Swollen Members and Metallica

Other sponsors: Salomon, Dakine, Clif Bar, Smith Optics, Discrete headwear

Blog/site: http://joshdaiek.blogspot.com/

Rose Daiek

Photo of Rose Daiek Photo of Rose Daiek

Years Riding: 18

Hometown: Georgetown, Ontario Canada

Favorite Kirkwood run/feature: I like chair 6 at Kirkwood, since it's is a high speed quad I can get in twice as many laps. I love Jim's area, the fingers, & all of the differentfeatures off of 6.

12/13 Setup: Roxy Eminence152&155, Burton escapade bindings, Oakley outerwear, Oakley Airbrake goggle, Clif blocks for fuel.

Career Highlights

  • Winning Kirkwood Extremes 4x: 1999,2000,2006,2009
  • Winning Salomon Freeride Championship in Taos, NM: 2x: 2010&2012
  • Finally stomping Kodak cliff, been looking at that monstrosity for years and finally got it!

Describe your ideal day: Ideal day would be riding 2-3 feet of killer Sierra stomp-able snow, with my rad friends in our favorite backcountry zone. Just lap after lap of untouched powder, sending it of bigger and better cliffs each run.

Something you didn't know about me... my father Hugo Dittfach was a famous horse jockey and has won over 4000 horse races. He is in the Hall of Fame for Horse Jockey's. That's why I'm so tall. Also, I lived in a water tower in the winter of 95/96!

Powder day play list: Phaleah - Afterglow, Zion I - Coastin, Swollen Members, Acid Reign - Never Fold, Naked &Famous - Punching in a Dream, Living Legends - Rabbit Hole, Awolnation – Sail.

Other sponsors: ROXY/GNU, Oakley, Clif Bar, Shoreline of Tahoe, Kirkwood, Sixpoint, Mountains Calling

Jacob Daiek

Photo of Jacob Photo of Jacob

Years Riding: Been skiing since a kid, but 15 years out west

Hometown: born and raised in Rochester MI, now living in Meyers CA

Favorite Kirkwood run/feature: hiking towards martins point for some freshies!

12/13 Setup: Tecnica boots, Look bindings and K2 skis

Describe your ideal day: ideal day is hanging with my friends and shredding pow, whether its hike, chair or sled

Something you didn't know about me... I was in a fraternity in college

Powder day play list: pow days some heavy metal, park days some hip hop

Kyle Johnston

Years Riding: How old are you when you're in second grade??

Hometown: White lake, MI

Favorite Kirkwood run/feature: Chair 6 Cornice to the park!

12/13 Setup: This year I'm happy be to riding the fun shred planks form a little ski company, K2!! I can't wait to click into my Pettitors on the deep days, and the Iron Maiden for those days when a little park session is in order! The other important piece to the shred equation would be dem good ol' “space boots”... ski boots. I ride the Dalbello Krypton Pro 2; I love the fit and flex of these boots, plus their my favorite color, green!

Career Highlights:

  • 3rd Twisted Sisters 2012
  • 5th Twisted Sisters 2011

Describe your ideal day: Deep snow, all my gear, Kirkwood, the shred posse, SHREDDING, Fun Sodas, a delicious dinner, sleep!

Powder day play list: I typically don't ride with music on Pow days, I like to talk with my friends and family!

Other sponsors: K2 skis, Kirkwood Mountain Resort, Mountains Calling.

Meghan Kelly

Photo of Meghan Kelly Photo of Meghan Kelly

Years riding: Telemark - 8, total years skiing - 22

Hometown: Northville, MI

Favorite Kirkwood run/feature: Hell's Delight in Thunder Saddle

12/13 Setup: Moment PB&Js skis, 22 Designs Axls binding, Scarpa T-Race boot

Career Highlights:

  • Landing my first backflip on snow last year
  • Skiing Mt. Whitney (highest peak in the lower 48)
  • And any powder day at Kirkwood!

Describe your ideal day: It's a blue bird pow day and snowed at least 2' overnight. We whip up some breakfast burritos and coffee at home, meet up with friends in Meyers, head out to Kirkwood early for first chair, everyone's fired up in line, we head up Chair 6 and ski straight to the bottom without crossing a track yelling and screaming the whole time with excitement. We then lap 6, 10, and the backside hitting all of our favorite lines and they're all untracked! The snow's so perfect that everyone you see is grinning ear to ear. And it's making everyone push their limits - hucking huge cliffs, throwing flips, sometimes I'm skiing so fast that I just start laughing! We ski hard from open to close, skipping lunch, somehow my legs last that long - I am just feeling it! In the zone! We all have a beer at the car and head out for some food in town - Divided Sky, Thai, or sushi and talk about the perfect day. We have a solid hot tub and stretching session that night because we know we have to wake up tomorrow and head out the gates for some more Kirkwood powder!

Something you didn't know about me... I taught high school math for 2 years in Baltimore City and wrote math raps as a teaching tool. If you see me on the hill, maybe I'll bust some rhymes for you.

Powder day play list: I love the silence of a powder day and feeling the overall energy, so I don't typically rock earphones - if I did it would be something mellow or reggae - something to calm the overall excitement I'm already feeling!

Other sponsors: Astis Mittens, Elevenate, JammyPack

Blog/site: meghankellyteles.com

Nick Cohee

Photo of Nick Cohee Photo of Nick Cohee

Years Riding: 22 (since I was 2 yrs old)

Hometown: Gardnerville, NV

Favorite Kirkwood run/feature: Straight lining into Norm's nose on an epic pow day and hucking a huge backflip!

12/13 Setup: On the race course I have Rossignol GS and Slalom skis with Lange boots. On a powder day I'm on my Rossignol Super 7's

Career Highlights:

  • 2X first team All-American
  • 6 NCAA Giant Slalom wins
  • 2X RMISA (rocky mountain intercollegiate skiing association)
  • Giant Slalom overall leader
  • 10 FIS wins, 35 FIS podiums.

Describe your ideal day: Winning Giant Slalom races is up there at the top. Shredding with a pack of good skiers is always an ideal day because we push each other's comfort zones. That's how you excel.

Something you didn't know about me... My go to dance move is the worm

Powder day play list: I like a little WOMP WOMP when I'm skiing pow so I'd have to go with some dubstep like Pretty Lights or some songs from Phutureprimitive.

Other sponsors: Rossignol/Lange, POC, SnowBomb.com

Will Brommelseik

Photo of Will Brommelseik Photo of Will Brommelseik

Years Riding: Snowboarding has lead me to the most amazing friends in beautiful places!!! I've been riding since 95, first winter in Tahoe was 97-98.

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska

Favorite Kirkwood run/feature: My favorite thing about Kirkwood is the people I meet riding there, and the rock, it makes you really good at hitting rock :)

12/13 Setup: This year I'm excited to be riding a Steepwater by Arbor!! Steepwater's strength combined with Arbor's sustainable harvested lumber, makes for an environmentally friendly slay stick in heli and split models. Spark's Blaze binders give me the response I crave. O'Neill's Jones jacket and pants protect me from the elements, have pockets in all the right places and are made of 100% recycled polyester.

Career Highlights:

  • Winning the 2011 King of the Hill
  • Qualifying onto and competing on the Freeride World Tour
  • Being lucky enough to ride pow world wide with wonderful people.

Describe your ideal day: I love riding storm days, free refills with friends is my favorite!!

Powder day play list: Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Phish, Greensky Bluegrass and funkiness.

Other sponsors: Wave Rave Snowboard Shop, Steepwater Snowboards,O'Neill, Spark R&D Bindings, Slick Willy's Banna Wax, Fuzzy Duds,and Sixpoint!!!

Blog/site: www.wherewillb.org

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