Lead by Ski School Director, Debbi Waldear, this ski school is always on the move. Debbie has been successfully racing and teaching skiing for the last 20 years. In recent times she has acquired eight gold metals at World Master Championships. The Center offers introductory, skate and ski skills lessons as well as private instruction. For reservations, call 209.258.7248.

Beginning Package - 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. & 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 pm. daily

The perfect introduction to the sport! The beginning lesson teaches kick and glide with emphasis on body position, sliding on skis plus learning to fall and breaking on the downhills. Plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to lesson start time.  Package includes rentals, lesson and trail pass.

Ski Skills & Tour - 1:30 p.m. weekends (midweek by request)

Ski Skills and Tour, the next step after the beginning lesson, provides an opportunity to take a ski tour with one of our qualified instructors in order to practice and learn turning and stopping skills and pick up pointers along the way. The terrain dictates what techniques are covered and adequately prepares students to ski on the intermediate trails. Package includes rentals, lesson and trail pass.

Skate Lesson package - 10:30 a.m. weekends (midweek by request)

Ski skating is a divergence of the kick and glide stride - in this method there is no grip under the foot of the ski.  Package includes rentals, lesson and trail pass. 

Lesson Package Pricing 2014/15

   10:30am  1:30pm
Beginning Package 
Adult $TBD $TBD
Junior $TBD $TBD
Child $TBD $TBD
Skate Lesson Package*   
Adult $TBD -
Junior $TBD -
Child $TBD -
Ski Skills & Tour*  
Adult - $TBD
Junior - $TBD
Child - $TBD

All prices are subject to change without notice.  *Skate Lesson & Ski Skills & Tour are available Saturdays & Sundays only, midweek by request.

Private Lessons - By request

Hone your skills with your own personal instructor.  Private Lessons are availalbe by arrangement for $50 an hour, each additional skier add $15 per hour.  Call the Center to reserve. 

Tips For Beginners

Wearing several light articles of clothing  provides the important layering for instance, polypropylene or similar underwear and synthetic fleece overpants plus windpants and a wind-resistant jacket - allows you to trap warm air in pockets of space. In most conditions, wear just one or two insulating layers, depending on the weather and the kind of skiing. Clothing for cross country skiing is versatile. You can use tights and windbreakers made for skiing, bicycling, or jogging. Our ski shop has functional and stylish clothing made for cross country skiing.

Questions? Contact the Kirkwood Cross Country and Snowshoe Center by phone: 209.258.7248 or kirkwoodxc [at] vailresorts [dot] com (email us.)