2013/14 Cross Country & Snowshoe Events

Scott Hudson Relay Race

CNISSF race for high school & middle school teams. Call 209.258.7248 for more information.

Date: December 13, 2013.


Guided Snowshoe Treks

Full Moon Snowshoe Treks - Hoot 'n Howl at the Moon!

Join us for our monthly guided snowshoe trek under the light of the full moon. There is nothing more unique and beautiful than the reflected light of the moon on the snow. Come hoot and howl at the moon! Arrive at 6:00pm.  Reservations are required.

Dates: December 14, 2013; January 11, 2014; February 8, 2014, February 14 - Valentines Full Moon Snowshoe.

Sierra Crest Snowshoe - A  guided  hike into the backcountry beyond the trails of Kirkwood  to the high Sierra.

This hike climbs to the crest of the Sierra for unbelievable views - it’s a trek not to miss.  The journey is open to all levels of experience  and physical fitness. Typically we break up into several small groups. This excursion is offered once a month through March. Arrive at 10:00AM, return by 3:00PM. Reservations are required.

Dates: December 22, 2013; January 26, 2014; February 23, 2014; March 9, 2014.

Sunset Snowshoe Walks- Experience the Alpenglow....

Enjoy the colors of the sunset while hiking along the trails. As the sun sets to the west, we will enjoy the alpenglow on Red Cliffs to the east. Reservations required. Start time 4:30PM.

Dates: March 1, 2014; March 8, 2014; March 13, 2014.

To register for any of our events, contact the Kirkwood Cross Country and Snowshoe Center by phone: 209.258.7248 or email: kirkwoodxc [at] vailresorts [dot] com.