Sledding & Snowmobiling


In accordance with a USFS Supervisor’s closure, private snowmobiles are prohibited on any of Kirkwood Mountain Resort’s trails during or after hours of operation.

No Sledding Policy

Sledding or tobogganing can be a fun winter pastime, but this activity is not appropriate on our ski slopes and trails as they aren’t designed for this activity.  Sledding on ski slopes and trails can be hazardous due to:

  • The steepness of the slope

  • The firmness of the snow

  • The presence of skiers and snowboarders

  • The presence of vehicles, such as snowmobiles and snow grooming equipment

  • The presence of obstacles such as trees, fences, buildings, snowmaking equipment and lift towers

  • Limited or inadequate run-out to slow or stop the sleds.

Due to the hazards and risks noted above, Kirkwood Mountain Resort wants to reinforce the message of No Sledding on Ski Slopes.

Please Click Here for a list of approved snow sliding devices at Kirkwood.


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