Snowshoe the Sierra Crest

Snowshoe the Sierra Crest

Snowshoe at Kirkwood


Snowshoes are for those of us that enjoy getting into the winter environment without skiing. Snowshoeing is not as hard as you may think; it allows one to walk comfortably and safely on even deep snowpack, exploring areas that would otherwise be very difficult to access. They are used for everything from taking a stroll about the meadow to climbing mountains - some folks actually run on the things. One of the most unique aspects of the sport is it's versatility. 

For those that feel a little intimated by slipping and gliding on skis; snowshoes are a great alternative. Snowshoes provide a means of travel on snow without going through the process of learning to ski. You can climb hills without worry of sliding down and you can get down hills without the skills needed on skis. It’s relaxing and stable way to enjoy a winter outdoor adventure. 

The Sierra Crest is a guided snowshoe hike into the backcountry beyond the trails of Kirkwood to the High Sierra. This excursion will be offered once a month through March.  The hike will climb to the crest of the Sierra for unbelievable views of the surronding area, it’s a trek not to miss.  The journey is open to all levels of experience and physical fitness. The $30 price includes trail pass and guided hike (plus $5 to rent snowshoes). January 26th is the next scheduled event call 209-258-7248 for reservation.

Debbie Waldear,
Kirkwood Cross Country Center