Seeking the Ultimate Ride: Power Steering for your Feet!

Seeking the Ultimate Ride: Power Steering for your Feet!

For years I have struggled with pronated feet, which have adversely impacted all of my favorite sports, particularly running, cycling and skiing. I had resigned myself to the fact that I simply wouldn’t excel at any of these disciplines and would likely always suffer from ankle injuries, fatigue and pain. After using a custom molded Instaprint™ footbed in my ski boots, I found an immediate and perceivable benefit. The most obvious was vastly improved edge to edge control of my skis and a more balanced neutral stance. I also noticed that virtually all of the discomfort and pain I used to experience as a skier had been dramatically reduced, which translated into being able to enjoy skiing for a much longer period of time. Another byproduct was a higher level of confidence, due to the fact that all my efforts were being immediately translated into the edges of my skis making the experience much more rewarding and fun!  

Now I work as a custom boot fitter at Kirkwood Mountain Sports and I can share this experience with my customers. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. As one of my customers stated, “It’s like adding power steering!” So, regardless of the shape of one’s foot and the height and shape of the arch, an Instaprint™ or Quickbed™ footbed from Masterfit™ will render immediate improvement in overall stability and edge to edge control, giving more precise and quicker transfer of energy from the boot and binding, to the ski or snowboard.

By placing the foot in a neutral position, fatigue and pain are also vastly diminished. As Masterfit™ Certified Bootfitters, we are trained to assess the customer’s foot type and which type of footbed will best suit their particular situation.  The Quickbed™ offers all the benefits of the traditional Instaprint™, with a faster turnaround time, usually less than 45 minutes. For the more challenging fit, in some cases the Instaprint™ beds are more “tuneable”. In either case, the benefit is dramatic! Speaking from my own personal experience, I strongly recommend the use of custom molded footbeds for all of my customers.

Craig Schroeder,

Kirkwood Mountain Sports Retail Supervisor