The Red Bull Legendary Kirkwood Banked Slalom

The Red Bull Legendary Kirkwood Banked Slalom

Snowsnake Gully is a super fun gully to ride on any day at Kirkwood but to throw in some gates, timer and a bunch of eager snow lovers, takes it to another level of FUN!

The Kirkwood Banked Slalom is about getting like minded riders together of all ages and enjoying a fun weekend of racing. We invite skiers, snowboarders and snowskaters to come and join us, there are tons of divisions. While there is a competitive aspect to this competition (we do award trophies and medals) this race is all about fun, we even give out awards for ‘Best Dressed.’ So, don’t be afraid to bust out that onesie, cape or bedazzled helmet. Four years back we formed the KBS committee to keep it real and make it better than the year before and to carry on a great legacy. We’re stoked as we enter the 20th year and can’t wait for a great weekend. If it keeps snowing like this, it may be a powder race, but that will be fun too!


This event is open to ages 5 and up. You can find more info about the event or pre-register on our Event Page!

Marge Cossettini,

Kirkwood Banked Slalom Planning Committee