First Season @KirkwoodMtn and Loving It!

First Season @KirkwoodMtn and Loving It!


Even though the beginning half of the year hasn’t had the most bountiful snow levels; smiles are as wide as ever here at Kirkwood.  It’s been dumping vitamin D around these parts and there are plenty of good runs to be had.  The top to bottom skiing on the steepest open terrain in the Tahoe region makes the Kirkwood experience a special one and one that I would advise all to take part in!


The California blue skies have been such an amazing phenomenon for an outsider.  Being raised in Connecticut and living in places like Chicago, London and Burlington have prepared me for cold and inclement weather, but nothing could prepare me for the beauty of a blue bird sky up in the mountains.  I’m used to getting one blue bird day a year, and it is typically a day to remember.  Now I am greeted by blue skies every morning I wake up.  The wonder may have worn off for many California natives, but I ask you to take a look up next time you visit Kirkwood. You will either see the beauty of the High Sierra landscape, or dark clouds bringing some white gold for a solid second half of the season.

There is a lot of winter left here at Kirkwood, and I for one can’t wait! 

Alex LaVallee,

Product Sales Supervisor