KW Freeride team update, The start list is in and the 1st day of FWT comp begins @ Revy today!

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Buenos Dias Amigos,

The start list is in and the 1st day of competition begins @ Revy today! With snow in the forecast this should be a stellar event for both Josh & Craig. Both athletes are skiing very well this season. Josh will be representing for Blizzard and Craig for Moment skis. Don't forget to check out the FWT's live feed during the SEMI's and Final's :

Snow report

Last 12 Hours* 11 cm 4.3 inches
Last 24 Hours* 12 cm 4.7 inches
Last 48 Hours* 13 cm 5.9 inches
Last 7 Days* 19 cm 7.4 inches
Total YTD* 290 cm 114.1 inches

Discussion of Snowpack and Stability:  2 Pacific frontal systems are knocking at the door and will bring heavy snowfall over the next 3 days. We can expect 5-10 cm today, 10-15 cm tonight, and 10-15 cm Thursday. Things will shift to the SW on Friday and another front may bring additional heavy snowfall values. Temperatures will remain seasonal and winds will be moderate to strong SW. The avalanche hazard is forecast to rise with the storm.  Watch for avalanche closures within the boundary and make sure you are well prepared before you venture beyond the ropes. The new snow will help to provide a fantastic venue for the Freeskiing World Tour beginning tomorrow. Please respect the venue closures and support the world class athletes competing at RMR.

Weather Forecast: WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT! Snow beginning today. Up to 50 cm expected by Friday.

From the FWT:


Thundering in with athletes from every corner of the globe, The Subaru Freeskiing world Tour has arrived in Revlestoke, BC for the 3rd stop on the 2011 tour.  The Subaru Canadian Freeskiing Championships kicks off tomorrow with the qualifying day.

With over 30cm of snow forecasted for the next two days the qualifying venue is shaping up to be in fine condition.   “Athletes are going to be able to ski faster and bigger lines with the new snow, which will make the qualifier all the more fun to watch” according to Event Director Bryan Barlow.

Local rippers such as Ryan Kappler and Richard Wrangel battling it out with competitors from around the world including Yu Sasaki from Japan and Rory Camm of New Zealand make for an international qualifier day.  The venue,

Separate Reality, is sure to live up to its name as it separates the pretenders from the contenders.
According to pre qualified athlete Mckenna Peterson “There are some great athletes skiing tomorrow and I can’t wait to watch them tear it up in the new snow.”  Qualifier athletes are chomping at the bit to get to try their hand at the new judging format for this year.

With the dropping of the aggression category and the addition of the style category this year, competitors are eager to see how the new format plays out.  “The new snow should be very beneficial to skiers trying to throw tricks.  With the softness, yet predictability of the snowpack, athletes should be able to throw down something jaw dropping .” says Head Judge Jim Jack.

New snow, amazing venue and new judging are sure to make this one of the best qualifiers days yet.  The North American stops of the Subaru Freeskiing World Tour are off to a great start at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Qualifier Start List
Start    Number    Name     Home Mountain    Country
1    52    Alex Riedman    Crested Butte    USA
2    37    Kasie Stroshin    Whistler    CAN
3    41    Hillary Bean    Jackson Hole    CAN
4    3    Madison Orowell    Telluride    CAN
5    49    Tracy Chubb    Sun Valley    USA
6    32    Nicole Derksen    Revelstoke    CAN
7    29    Caroline Stromberg    Are    SWE
8    15    Alex George    Jackson Hole    USA
9    84    Tatum Monod    Revelstoke    CAN
10    33    Vanessa Aadland    Alta/Snowbird    USA
11    8    Nadia Somer    Pemberton Ice Cap    CAN
12    82    Robin McElroy    Squaw Valley    USA
13    40    Hannah Horigan    Jackson Hole    CAN
14    54    Becca Lefanowicz    Sugar Bowl    USA
15    46    Sasha Dingle    Bridger Bowl    USA
16    20    Jana Lindquist    Are    SWE
17    26    Louise Lintilhac    Crested Butte    USA
18    34    Lindsay Craig    Thunder Bay    CAN
19    24    Alex Taran    Snowbird    USA

Start    Number    Name     Home Mountain    Country
1    43    Roy Schott    Mt. Olympus    CAN
2    47    Ryan Walters    Bridger Bowl    USA
3    45    Henry Worobel    Montana Backcountry    USA
4    59    Lange Adams    Aspen    USA
5    58    Max Krone    Sugarbowl    USA
6    91    Josh Lankin    Ragged Mountain    USA
7    16    John Parker    Squaw Valley    USA
8    35    Collin Collins    Sun Valley    USA
9    12    Matt Luczkow    Vail    USA
10    56    Spencer Brinson     Kirkwood    USA
11    1    Todd Mansfield    Castle Mountain    CAN
12    10    Nathan Heintz    Red Mountain    CAN
13    90    Rory Camm    Treble Cone    NZ
14    5    Ryan Kappler    Revelstoke    CAN
15    48    Gabriel Oulsch    Bridger Bowl    USA
16    31    Josh Daiek    Kirkwood    USA
17    35    John Hejna    Snowbird    USA
18    6    Sam Cohen    Alta    USA
19    51    Sean Cochrane    Revelstoke    CAN
20    36    Josh Anderson    Squaw Valley    USA
21    87    Alex Wall    Revelstoke    CAN
22    28    Brett Dawley    Powder Kind    CAN
23    42    Daryn Edmunds    Alta/Snowbird    USA
24    13    Richard Small    Fernie    CAN
25    38    Randy Evans    Crested Butte    USA
26    85    Benjamin Ogilvie    Fernie    CAN
27    25    Conor Davis    Sun Valley    USA
28    89    Richard Wrangel    Revelstoke    CAN
29    4    Nick Leboe    Silver Star    CAN
30    11    Austin Foote    Stratton    USA
31    21    Michael Legare    Blackcomb    CAN
32    17    Jason Frazier    Snowbird    USA
33    83    Todd Thomley    Pine Ridge    CAN
34    9    Jason Astle    Alta     USA
35    60    Ben Paciotti    Squaw Valley    USA
36    86    Lucas Gonnthier    Revelstoke    CAN
37    57    Cam Doane    Snowbird    USA
38    92    Tommy Ellingson    Mt. Baldy    CAN
39    27    Andreas Hasselbeck    Whistler    CAN
40    88    Phil Hudec    Lake Louise    CAN
41    7    Yu Sasaki    Whistler    JAP
42    2    Benjamin Kelley    Mt Baker    USA
43    81    Colston VB    Rossland    CAN
44    55    Parker Doane    Snowbird    USA
45    53    Jake Sakson    Aspen/Snowmass    USA
46    19    Eric young    Cypress    CAN
47    22    Christian Mandahl    Snowbird    USA
48    50    Kyle Taylor    Whitefish    USA
49    14    Silas Chickering Ayers    Mad River Glen    USA
50    18    Laurent Gauthier    Blackcomb    CAN
51    39    Greg Fitzsimmons    Aspen / Ajax    USA
52    23    Micahel Gardner    Telluride    USA
53    30    Scott Hanichen    Squaw Valley    USA
54    44    Gord Spurgeon    Revelstoke    CAN


We are stoked to have our Freeride team attending such a world class event. Good luck to both Craig & Josh. Will keep you all dialed in with the 411 from Revelstoke!


Stay Thirsty,