K-Woods Freeride team in the Haus of the Bird!

Thursday January 20, 2011 Past Dialog »

Aloha oukou Kirkwood,

K-Woods Freeride team Adam "A-Bomb"Devargas, Casey Lucas  & Rose “Roxy” Daiek are in the Haus of the Bird! North Face Masters of the Mountain registration was today and the comp starts tomorrow! Check the FB update and the live call video! A-Bomb reporting copious amounts of new 16” and Rose call’n it “Variable”, Casey Lucas feel’n the “positive vibe" and we here at the Wood in full support of our crew. Comp starts tomorrow and you can check the links at http://www.thenorthfacemasters.com/ for all the up to date INTEL. I’ll keep the 411 coming from our site here! Let’s give our team some Lov’n tonight!

Check the Facebook link here @ http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=494758503042&saved#!/video/video.php?v=494758503042&comments

Stay Thirsty,