FWT Update 4pm Jan 9th 2010.... Painstaking wait for Garbones, while K-Woods Spencer Brinson sits solid in 4th.

Sunday January 09, 2011 Past Dialog »

What a day of competition at Revie today! I watched via the live feed the entire event. A few little “time outs” with the web but how far we have come in the information technologies side of the sport! Now for the comp!

Leah Evans & Jacqui Edgerly these two ladies were sending it, great technical lines in flat light conditions. North Bowl was long a brutal. On top of the field today, Leah Evans from Canada with impressive results she placed 3rd Subaru in the 2009 US Freeskiing Nationals @ Snowbird, UT & 2nd overall on the Canadian Tour. Then there is Jacqui Edgerly these results in 2010 2nd in the  Subaru Freekiing World Tour Overall Standings 4th in the North American Freeskiing Championships; Kirkwood, CA and 2nd at the Subaru Freeskiing World Tour; Revelstoke, BC. These two ladies are in the mix and ready to send it again tomorrow!


The boyz,

Wow, what a throw down today, Flips, spills, sickbird nominations and more! What else can you do in flat light, steep terrain and blower POW? Not much more than I saw today on top of the pak today. In 1st Drew Tabke with an impressive 38.1 followed closely by Lars Chickering-Ayers out of Mad River Glen with a 37.3 score and  the surprise of the day Spencer Brison in 4th hailing from K-Wood with a strong 36. These guys threw down with line, fluidity, trickery, & just badass solid skiing! Craig “Garbones” Garbiel is on the bubble tonight in 25th with a 26.27. Craig’s run was solid but just was’nt the flash we are used to watching, fluid, smooth, with lots of medium airs and technical skiing. Let’s hope tonight he makes the cut a gets a run at the gold in Revie…

The comp is back on @ 10am tomorrow live, great streaming broadcast from the Northface hot spot! Give it up for Local Ripper Spencer Brison he is in the mix deep and sending it for gold tomorrow!

As Always Stay Thirsty,