A day of rest rolls right into the final day! It’s on at the Bird today!

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Buenos Dias Amigos,

A day of rest rolls right into the final day! It’s on at the Bird today! The Finals of the NothFace Masters @ the Bird! Adam & Casey are up and ready to rumble! So stoked to have these athletes on our Freeride team here at Kirkwood Mountain Resort!

Here’s the good word from the crew @ MSI!



Photo: Lance Koudele/MSI


Sunday Funday

Fresh Snow and Clear skies great us here at Snowbird for day two of The North Face Masters of Snowboarding presented by PrimaLoft. Tune in at 10:00am for the live webcast at thenorthfacemasters.com to see 13 women and 35 men tear down North Baldy in their quest for the Katana Sword and the first chance to gain valuable tour points and prize money.

With riders such as last year's men's tour champion Aaron Robinson, Ryland Bell and the leader after day one Josh Warnick, the competition is sure to be intense. The Men will battle North Baldy where they'll test their mettle in the amphitheatre in front of screaming fans and a cacophony of cow bells.

The women are lead by last year's tour champion Shannan Yates. The winner of day one, Mary Boddington will be tearing up North Baldy as well as Kaitlin Elliot who finished in second place after day one.

With a day off due to weather and the fact that Baldy has been closed for two days while it received six inches of new snow, the conditions will be amazing. Tune in to watch the live webcast at 10:00 am at thenorthfacemasters.com to witness all the athletes throw down on the world renowned North Baldy.


Check out the live link here @ 10am: http://www.thenorthfacemasters.com/article.php?id=156


Stay Thirsty,