Kirkwood Lodging Property Management


Kirkwood Lodging Property Management

Kirkwood Lodging, our property management group, has been successfully managing privately owned residences for more than 25 years. Today, with our world-class accommodations, expanding lodging portfolio, and superb leadership team, we provide the best management resources and service standards in the industry.

Keys to Kirkwood Lodging’s success for homeowners are the depth and size of our management resources, the major “pipeline” of reservations provided as a result of our multi-million-dollar marketing and sales programs, the state-of-the-art technology systems within our organization, and the resource leveraging as a result of being a division of Vail Resorts Inc.

Because of our vast knowledge of and experience in property management, as well as our extremely dedicated and skilled professionals, homeowners enjoy exceptional amenities, unsurpassed personalized service, impeccable home care, and flexible, profit-driven rental programs. With the conveniences of third-party property management, homeowners can more integrally experience the beauty, adventure and luxury of their vacation locales.

Rental Program

By participating in our rental program, homeowners have an additional opportunity to benefit from our unique property management e
xpertise. Participation in the rental program ensures a seamless experience for homeowners and the guests renting their units through the following services:
  • Pre-arrival preparation and post-departure inspections

  • Convenient 24-hour management and maintenance services

  • Maintenance of comprehensive reservation schedules

  • Comprehensive and legible monthly statements

  • Comprehensive maintenance and housekeeping programs

  • Superb homecare management

  • Onsite, front desk staff available for guest and homeowner assistance

  • Lift ticket services – allowing your guests to purchase lift tickets pre-arrival, or at check-in, so they can conveniently go directly on the mountain

  • Guest access to Kirkwood Recreation Center

In addition, participation in the rental program allows homeowners to take advantage of a variety of sales, marketing, and reservations resources, which include, but are not limited to:

  • E-commerce tools and initiatives: Property-specific websites, online reservation capabilities, search-engine optimization, targeted online ads

  • State-of-the-art revenue and distribution management systems: These systems ensure the best strategic pricing against competitors and maximize revenue for homeowners

  • Sales, marketing, and public relations teams: These experienced and dedicated professionals are continually promoting our properties to consumers and travel industry executives in key markets worldwide

  • Year-round income streams: Due to Vail Resorts’ robust year-round group, conference, wedding, and special event business, we can generate significant rental revenue during non-peak and shoulder seasons

  • Reservations call center open from 7am-2am during peak reservation periods

  • Marketing efforts that utilize our massive customer databases, which include the databases of Vail Resorts, Inc.

For More Information

Please contact Gregory Kiskinen by gkiskinen [at] vailresrorts [dot] com (email) or by phone at (775) 450-6001.